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Latest property analytics

Our platform provides current and comprehensive geospatial information at parcel level such as building, roof, pool, solar panels and risks from adjacent objects and the surrounding environment.

Detect changes

Change data provides previous and current property’s condition. This crucial information helps a diverse range of industries assess properties more accurately and stay ahead of the market.

Macroscale geospatial analytics

With our macroscale data, users gain a broader perspective about the changing urban environment without missing on detail. This important information helps businesses understand what and how much has changed in large areas, predict new trends and manage compliance.

Urban planning and marketing insight

Mapizy provides an inventory of the physical urban environment at LGA levels crucial for urban planners, policy makers, urban designers and various home service businesses for effective policy development and targeted marketing. Some example analytics are urban growth, changes in property attributes and mapping of green space.

The Markets We Serve

Insurance Industry

Use our near-inspection quality property analytics to achieve one-click quote generation, estimate accurate housing premiums, improve customer experience and get notified of property changes used for automated renewal process.

Real Estate

With our analytics platforms, you can get an objective reality check of properties, check history of changes occurred to every property, track urban growth that affects property value and identify high-growth suburbs.


With the help of our urban analytics platform, gain a bigger picture, identify urban patterns and manage compliance. You can get the latest and changing attributes of your suburb and plan accordingly.

Property Investors

Detecting urban growth is one of the key elements for investing in property. Our data ease the way to locate investment opportunities. Detect the urban growth at suburb level, predict the future trends better and invest safely.

Home Services

Know the property’s conditions such as roof quality, built material, solar panels and pools and offer services based on each customer’s needs. Use our data to conduct an effective marketing for every suburb in Australia.

Building Inspection

Save on site visit and get inspection quality data at the comfort of your office. Let’s our AI technology do the heavy lifting for you and measure roof and building features more frequently and safely.

Why Mapizy?

Accurate property and urban data

Current, highly detailed and surveying-grade accuracy analytics, change insight in user-defined time intervals, comprehensive and most frequent urban coverage in Australia

On-demand analytics

Property and urban analytics created on-demand from high resolution images, automated and detail reporting in a beautiful format, interactive web applications


API integration with existing workflows, bulk processing tools, rapid turn-around for large areas, user feedback for continuous AI model improvement

Recognised and Trusted by Industry Leaders

Reputation for Innovation

Grant for expansion into the Asian market

We are excited to know that Mapizy has been awarded Access Asia grant by WA Department of Job, Tourism, Science and Innovation to present and exhibit at GeoConnect Asia 2021 in Singapore. We have developed an AI solution for mine rehab through satellite images. Our solution is less costly and more frequent.

Awarded by Unearthed and Origin Energy

We participated in a technology competition organised by Unearthed and sponsored by Origin Energy and were chosen to help Origin to update and maintain their extensive road network through a cost-effective and innovative AI solution we have developed. The road data created is in a popular GIS format ready for further analysis.

Awarded by Deloitte

Mapizy team awarded by Deloitte for solving two technology challenges for insurance industry. We participated in the Gravity challenge supported by a number of leading organisations like AWS and AIRBUS and were the only company awarded twice among 42 other teams across Australia.

Awarded by
CORE Innovation Hub

We are so excited to be the winner of the CORE Start Award. Thanks to the CORE team, sponsors and the judges for the opportunity and we will look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.

Awarded First Place in Maxar Hackathon

Mapizy agriculture AI solution was awarded first place in Maxar Hackathon. Our solution uses Maxar images and creates detail forest inventory. This is a great opportunity for Mapizy to advance its popular forest inventory solution.

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We are so excited to be chosen for the highly competitive HARVEST accelerator program. Out of 100 applications, 9 high-growth Agtech companies were chosen.

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Director of BD, MAXARKevin Bullock

“Mapizy was one of participant companies in MAXAR hackathon and their unique AI solution for forest inventory generation from MAXAR satellite images awarded first place. All judges were impressed by the quality of Mapizy submission in both industry needs analysis and AI technology.”​

Vice President, Toyota’s Woven PlanetMandali Khalesi

“Mapizy team was engaged by us to develop HD mapping technologies. We believe Mapizy has provided our team with georeferencing technologies that allow for more accurate localisation of objects in images.”

Head of Innovation, DeloitteJason Bender

“We’re thrilled to announce Mapizy was one of the innovator participants in our innovation program, also called Gravity Challenge, and won both the IAG and RAA challenges with its unique urban analytics AI software product for the insurance industry.”​